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Genres: Funny,
Directed by: Ji Kil Woong
Actor: Park Ki Woong, Lee Byung-hun,
Run Time: 128 minutes
Country: Korea
Release: 2007
Views: 33418
  Ratting: 0/10 based on total 0 rate.
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Junko is an original Korean-Japanese girl. Returned to Korea, she rented a small room to the start awkward song.Moi son Jong Man when his owner also wanted in that room. To keep customers, her boss promotion servings per day for boys and tutoring Korean to Junko. Jong Man this opportunity that Junko abuse. But Junko capital is not a student she knew so forth wise sage leather. Part 1 so successful with the appearance of the couple Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Ha Neul that manufacturers make to part 2. But there is no flexibility of juggling Kwon and Kim, but the two still confident it will give the audience laugh match.


My Tutor Friend 2007
My Tutor Friend 2007
My Tutor Friend 2007
My Tutor Friend 2007
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