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Genres: Funny, Music,
Directed by: Updating...
Actor: Xuân Bắc, Chí Trung, Quốc Khánh, Công Lý, Tự Long,
Run Time: 120 minutes
Country: VietNam
Release: 2012
Views: 46844
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(NLDO) - "Meet the end of 2012" would definitely make the audience laugh Eve comfortable with the Jade Emperor of the Manchu apple transport, health, economics, sports, electricity, education .
The critical issues such as time "shipment", lip, disaster music, football rights, health minister of transport, bus, modified hours, received an envelope in the hospital ... are addressed in a humorous and sharp.
Comedy about culture, sports
Although this years Apple Culture flanking sun but not the interest in cultural and entertainment must be satisfied to hear the song by the Apples curve Sports Auto Long word processing.
Do not speak out the name but everyone can guess which character Tu Long is referring her nude model "for the environment," Ngoc Quyen. Ngoc Trinh, she proudly models each 3 ring "framework" with flawless white skin, and the costumes of the page offensive Tran, Minh Hang ... also "roll".

Tao Quan 2012

Apple Communications and Jade Emperor Tu Long National Day juggling
Even the kiss burns hot bombshell of a pair of Song Ngoc pair of perfect competition is also mentioned in the "kiss 5 minutes" of a pair of apples, "but the fact" - Health and Economics.
Long juggling of Self and the Jade Emperor - the National Day to entertain the audience through the story of his resignation VFF general secretary Tran Quoc Tuan and smart shots fired coach falko Goetz triggers the disturbing story of football years.
From about arbitration forced chased by 500 million people with public money, to settle the score, Cong Vinh awls away from T & T Hanoi, Kien elected to the story "Length of Buddha" ... are making the Jade Emperor and Nam Tao and Bac Dau "stunning".
Traffic Hot Spots
Perhaps most intriguing is the Jade Emperor of the Manchu Apples Traffic Chi Trung. Veteran comedian revealed he and the Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang, a place close. So himself and crew 2012 implementation Apples Army has put the script courtesy to preview Minister Thang said he "feel free to do, not hitting."
Designs to fat, acting witty, Meritorious Artist Chi Trung made ​​the audience laugh in the recording reclining tilt Meet last year. Starting from the bus carrying the apples to storm heaven, full of stories deserve to "cover the back" of the transport sector has been exposed.

Tao Quan 2012

Apple Communications Chi Trung "boys to terminals"
What is the driver and side passenger car started a new bow down doors, vehicle type sagging sliced ​​spleen makes the apple "on the first fight lung Pheo" unexplained fire vehicles, motorcycles threw nets, banned golf staff, ticket prices, routes that pilots "are" only know the plane took off but did not know ... landing phase peak is bribery little card "member ship" to the Jade Emperor, Nam Cao , North Star Communications because of Apples "in the campaign money from net catching motorcycles."
Apple Communications humor: "The official take the bus to see his people suffering the same cam community. Many people told me to go the front door to take pictures and then you press the back door, but I welcome him to decorum, to the end terminals. There are things I only go once. "
Apples are also slanted story stone "beheaded Minister": "I do more training and then he said, None of them through his eyes. Do not talk nonsense, his minister beheaded immediately. He was then beheaded a few generals there. "
Laughter broke out when more juggling apples with apples Transport Education Minh Hang solve the "what to eat in the morning" before the situation hours, varied hours. Method "questions swirl, rotation response" to be brought out two apples wrestle with difficult questions as the audience can not help laughing.
For example, a math problem that Apple launched the Apple Education Communications: "In one family, the father made in state agencies have to leave home at 7 hours 30 minutes to 8 hours up there in body, mothers sales in supermarkets have to leave home at 8 hours 30 minutes to keep up at work at 9 am, middle school children to leave home at 7 hours 30 minutes to up to eight hours of class time, grandmother went out to treat hemorrhoids at 10 hours. Ask members eat in the morning? ". This question is answered with humorous songs" sacrifice the interests of a small group of common interest. "

Tao Quan 2012
Health duet Apples and Apples Van Dung Quang Thang Economics
But not much land, but the prominent place of education as childrens stories too heavy to wear pairs, about the night her parents queuing for admission to the Ph.D. or universal for all targets ... Apple is also referred to Education.
Apples In adoration of Health, the artist will recreate the scene Van Dung received the envelope doctor, or worse be forgot ... device in the patients abdomen.
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