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Genres: Animation,
Directed by: Gino Nichele
Actor: Kelly Sheridan, Melissa Lyons, Cassidy Ladden, Chantal Strand,
Run Time: 78 minutes
Country: America
Release: 2008
Views: 17024
  Ratting: 0/10 based on total 0 rate.
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Liana and Alexa are the crony, share with each other every secret, including passion for singing. They sell flowers for a living every day. One day, Liana finds two piece diamond heart next to the song. Suddenly, a storm arrives and the two girls must quickly return home.

Barbie  The Diamond Castle 2008

Liana used two diamond necklace for each person. The next morning, when the storm broke, they were out of the House and noticed their garden has been devastating storms. They sell all the remaining flowers to earn 2 cents, but that money will not suffice until the following season.

Barbie  The Diamond Castle 2008

On the way back home through the forest, she met an old lady khất acts. Liana feels hurt for the old woman should have her nuas lunch, consisting of bread and jam, though she and Alexa also nothing more.

Barbie  The Diamond Castle 2008

In return, the old lady gives them the mirror spirit. When they just wipe the mirror recently Russian Bank, has a deity named Melody appears in the mirror. Melody tells the two girls hear about its diamond Castle, which is the home of everything music, and is where the gods live music until Lydia, a God of bad music, try looking nicely captured the Castle. Lydia was not able to make ploy, but other Arab music has turned the gods rock formations.

Barbie  The Diamond Castle 2008

In an attempt to keep the Castle, both gods rest (Phaedra and Dori) entrusted the castle to Melody key. And to hide the key to this, Melody has locked herself in the mirror, and now she cannot escape. She needs assistance of Liana and Alexa to freed himself and save the Castle.

Barbie  The Diamond Castle 2008

Đột nhiecirc;n, Slyder, chuacute; rồng của Lydia nghe thấy tiếng của Meloday, necirc;n đatilde; thuacute;c giục Lydia lần theo Melody để tigrave;m chigrave;a khoacute;a. Liana vagrave; Alexa phải nhanh choacute;ng vagrave;o trong lacirc;u đagrave;i kim cương để coacute; lấy được chigrave;a khoacute;a giải phoacute;ng hai thần nhạc bị hoacute;a đaacute; vagrave; xua đuổi Lydia. Cuối cugrave;ng, họ đatilde; phaacute;t hiện ra chigrave;a khoacute;a của lacirc;u đagrave;i lagrave; bagrave;i haacute;t của Melody.

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