Introduction movie Loi Nguyen Huyet Ngai 2011
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Genres: Horror,
Directed by: Bùi Thạc Chuyên
Actor: Thành Lộc, Yu Dương,
Run Time: 90 minutes
Country: VietNam
Release: 2011
Views: 13706
  Ratting: 9/10 based on total 1 rate.
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Blood curse films content revolves around three young students Artemisia curious and gentle mentor, calmly. They accidentally discover a secret about Blood, species of tree in the legend who Thoroughly La Ba boys school of Medicine: Commentary, Revelation and decided to embark on a search to satisfy curiosity. Step by step one, they gradually discover the story of the tree this bloodthirsty, the ability to cure disease imperative as well as the magic of it.

Loi Nguyen Huyet Ngai 2011

Scary changes, it looks like theyre not legendary anymore! Fear AWE embraces retrieved three boys. They found themselves being a typical teenager faced the ghost, thoắt hidden thoắt we watched at all times. A series of horrible events happen. Three people horrified to realize: Blood Artemisia will retrieve the network any who violate it. The dark secret buried ever year gradually unfold. The victims of crime career wish they dont make mistakes. But the risk is that, once youve got the step cannot have the backwards!

Loi Nguyen Huyet Ngai 2011
Loi Nguyen Huyet Ngai 2011
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