Introduction movie Tet Van Lang Ca Lang Noi Phet 2011
MOVIETet Van Lang Ca Lang Noi Phet 2011

Watch Movie Tet Van Lang Ca Lang Noi Phet 2011

Genres: Funny,
Directed by: Phạm Đông Hồng
Actor: Văn Hiệp, Quốc Anh, Quang Tèo, Giang Còi,
Run Time: 60 minutes
Country: VietNam
Release: 2011
Views: 7539
  Ratting: 0/10 based on total 0 rate.
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"Welcoming the Văn Lang village talker" many famous comedians join the North land. The DVD includes 3 minor "billionaire Văn Lang", "Destination for foreign religions", "dives" was directed by Phạm hà Đông Hong staged from the artists script Writers Association. Minor products "billionaire Văn Lang" will cause the audience laughing rolling with his Amplifier display the draw phét (artist Quang Tèo) and Cardigan (artist Jiang "horn"). After the rít thief ridiculous drug Laos "King", two Amplifiers, he grabbed her hair Coats have flown off the ground, and then test each other on phét. In the screen "while also picking up phét", the review found that the truth about the desire of thousands of people.

Artists Association of Writers and artists of Britain will hand the incarnation and U.s. Representative Ha Ha in "dives HA". According to the folk tale, "the dives River" tells the story of two live dives along the village, along the duct up routine, but contradict each other, they find the solutions is the married daughter for sale to both parties not to take money for your married. But the "Eternal Father eating salty, away thirsty children", has just come into the House, her husband, her chariot, cosy welcoming the bride ate pepper squander made father-in-law discovered the disease.

Tet Van Lang Ca Lang Noi Phet 2011
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