Introduction drama Vo Ngua Thao Nguyen 2005
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Directed by: Vương Tân Dân
Actor: Thẩm Hiểu Hải, Vương Kỳ, Hoàng Mạn, Ngô Kiện, Ngô Việt,
Release: 2005
Total: 35 episodes
Views: 41874
  Ratting: 0/10 based on total 0 rate.
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Security Code is very widely on Gypsy concerns, including the "Five Bruce"-command-Set internal binary weapon in the Novel the daughter of home command Vi Design 1 Navy way, theres also the mystical camels geriatric patients-Guo Baiyun.

Vo Ngua Thao Nguyen 2005

Pure horse of technical Theatre He served very people admire Masterpieces, underwent several days of plain English Masterpiece Theater began and was First served "," said Guo Tai Carved Baiyun enjoyed the "Carved Narcissus" he wanted to buy horses with high prices, but are not deductible as England Collapsed to agree, the two disputed several daysHe was very admired Masterpieces, the higher the intensity of the Guo Wu Baiyun, while he enjoyed the people of British Theatre in his Masterpiece, at farewell to Club Secretary Guo Baiyun failed great quotations where different sentence ... see you soon.

Vo Ngua Thao Nguyen 2005

In English at Dramatic Masterpiece arrived appointment saw him fight with Hai Road being an appointment decision of 20 years ago, the Sea Route used renders gas-only deity evaluation guideline, he sneaks Guo Baiyun was Dramatic Masterpieces rescued Him, because he was too badly hit single die, before his death he received His Masterful Stage making disciplestransmission of all martial arts, for him, bringing Bachs fate in the hands of His Masterful Stage Code, he entrusted His Masterful Stage shelters as evidence is a painting of her daughter Guo Tai Ling and blended le ... …

Vo Ngua Thao Nguyen 2005

Setting Hai Tang feared people on Gypsy know its taking tricks to Xia Guo Baiyun small Belgian, he Applied for capital infrastructure go kill His Masterful Stage Thiên Lý extermination guns, thankfully are Minor En lifesaving, then watch her father suffered Minor En kick very badly.

Vo Ngua Thao Nguyen 2005

After His Masterful Stage go into the white Subjects Painted page faces a new challenge, the great engineer whose parents are human beings, the second Attorney parent sneaking, cunning, wily, who does not recognize His Masterful Stage is disciple of Bach Ma, and the like seeking to steal the painting "Fishermen Chan Chi Turn" by the master to leave. Guo Tai Ling then very appreciated His Masterful Stage of his father on the child move, but knows His Masterful Stage had the General staff is the daughter of enemies to kill his father, which led to Guo Tai Silence is very sad, plus two Kings counsel parents provocative li Guo Tai Ling also indirectly lead to not support him.

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